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Enchanted Jewelz Empire LLC

Solid Brass Sculpted Scorpion with Copper Links of Scorpio Gemstones

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ZODIAC STONES ARE NOT the same as the birthstones! ZODIAC STONES are different stones who's attributes either bring out the strengths of your sign or help decrease the weakness. 

Birthstones are only for the month and don't necessarily represent personality traits. Every month has TWO different signs crossing thru it therefore just saying your month doesn't say your sign.

From top to bottom listing ONLY the specific reasons these stones can help our passionate hot water Scorpios...

(there's way more attributes otherwise, which still makes them good for whoever is drawn to them)


Unakite: letting go of trauma, anger anger feelings of wanting revenge

Carnelian: using sexual energy properly (research tantric healing, tantric manifesting)

Labradorite: creativity, willpower 

Agate: balance to remind Scorpio not to get lost in extreme emotions.


Only 1 available.

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