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Enchanted Jewelz Empire LLC

Store Partner Bracelet and Necklace Mix (Wholesale)

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Made by us! Made to last! 100% authentic stones from our own trusted source never using dyed, artificial or glass beads.

This is a special package deal for other store owners, boutiques, salons, convenience stores, etc to have a nice little counter top display in their checkout area.

The bracelets in this package deal sell retail for $18-$25 each 

The necklaces sell from $5-$10 each Retail 

The 10-10 Package 10 mixed bracelets and 10 mixed necklaces of Amethyst and Fluorite crystals for $99

And our most popular package: The 22 22

22 mixed bracelets and 22 necklaces for $195

Both packages include free shipping and are tax free.

We are VERY proud to have our beautiful creations in many stores around the country, and guarantee ultimate satisfaction for our store partners. If your package isn't shipped within 2 business days you will be fully refunded with still keeping your order.

Additionally, if our jewelry isn't selling quickly, we'll pay the shipping for you to return what hasn't sold back to us if they've been on display 3 weeks or longer for a refund of the remaining items or a free replacement with other styles that sold faster with your clientele!

If you are a business seeing more than 10 shoppers/clients a day, don't expect your order to last longer than a week or two, these are our customer favs for many years now 💖